Saturday, June 28, 2003

did i mention Tim Yeo? 

what a total prat.
a simple e-mail
but no

how did kazaa make me happy this week? 

it gave me sinéad o'connor doing all apologies - superb!
radio kaos - i hear radio waves in my head
but sinéad does redemption song
got my vote
bless her

once in a while 

you like a song
and then you listen to it with the lyrics

and then you get it

Friday, June 27, 2003

this week 

involved small pieces of cardboard
people that i love more than they realise
hiding from people i don't like (they give me money - which means they own me)
ignoring family (no change there then)
hating the lack of responce from http://www.bloggerheads.com/can_weblogs/tim_yeo.asp
but most of all
realising for the first time that we the people, the electorate do actually give a damn. I adopted my mp's
blog - and heeded tim's call to slow down - he is right.
what tim has started is perhaps bigger than he realises.
if timyeo (tiiiiimmmmieeeeeooooo) can't be big enough to acknowledge the completely reasonable requests that Mr Ireland has made, then everywhere is war.

so where was i? 

so coming out of a testing week or so i find myself
listening to Radio 4 - and they appear to be talking about
IDS (con.) leader talking with rastafarians

i google(tm) the phrase "ian duncan smith" rastafarian
and bugger me if i don't find this

made me think that did so i headed to the home page

4 hours later i admitted that i'd enjoyed every minute of the site

damn. suppose that gives me something to thank ian duncan smith for...

Friday, June 20, 2003

i've adopted mine... 

michael foster mp for worcester now has a blog

Thursday, June 19, 2003

because they make good tunes 

puffin do suck ass
but when i search kazaa for puffin i just get seabirds man


when you think of a friend from long ago
ring her
she has just got off a plane at heathrow
you say hello
she's back
eris loves me


look away now if you groan easily (fnaar fnaar)

A marine biologist developed a race of genetically engineered
dolphins that could live forever if they were fed a steady diet
of seagulls. One day his supply of the birds ran out, so he had
to go out and trap some more. On the way back, he spied two
lions asleep on the road. Afraid to wake them, he gingerly
stepped over them. Immediately, he was arrested and charged
with transporting gulls across sedate lions for immortal

Tim Yeo 

part of what persuaded me that starting my own blog
is the going on at bloggerheads especially the tony
blair e-mail project
and the whole why MPs need blogs debate

If however you don't really see the relevance of any of the
aforementioned then at the very least you need to start reading
Tim Yeo MPs brand new weblog. so new Mr Yeo probably doesn't even know he's got it yet...

Men speak in sentences. Women speak in paragraphs. 

couldn't have put it better myself

though can it really be only 78 genes which divides the sexes?
i was convinced they were a completely different species...

bandwagon jumping 

yup, i've finally succumbed. largely inspired by the fun and games of
tim ireland over at bloggerheads
i'll be posting random bleatings as and when tho i suspect this
will end up being a glorified links dump before long

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